Exception during resize

I am getting the following exception while adding Zea engine support in my main application code.

GLFbo.js:306 Error creating Fbo width: 1041 , height: 0 Texture Type: UNSIGNED_BYTE
__checkFramebuffer @ GLFbo.js:306
resize @ GLFbo.js:289
(anonymous) @ GLFbo.js:34
(anonymous) @ EventEmitter.js:190
emit @ EventEmitter.js:187
resize @ GLTexture2D.js:586
resizeFbos @ GLRenderer.js:288
__handleResize @ GLBaseRenderer.js:526
(anonymous) @ GLBaseRenderer.js:603

GLFbo.js:316 Uncaught Error: The attachment types are mismatched or not all framebuffer attachment points are framebuffer attachment complete.
at QI.__checkFramebuffer (GLFbo.js:316)
at QI.resize (GLFbo.js:289)
at GLFbo.js:34
at EventEmitter.js:190
at Array.forEach ()
at uI.emit (EventEmitter.js:187)
at uI.resize (GLTexture2D.js:586)
at bl.resizeFbos (GLRenderer.js:288)
at bl.__handleResize (GLBaseRenderer.js:526)
at ResizeObserver. (GLBaseRenderer.js:603)

Let me know if you need more info.
I was told that a bug was filed.
can you please let me know when a fix for this is release?

This looks like a regression. A quick test shows that the version where this occurred was 3.4.0

This will be addressed with the next release we are preparing.
You can chose to use an older version in the mean time. e.g. Modify your script tags to pull the older version like this. Then later you can update after our next release.

Note: This exception is probably harmless for the time being. It may be better to simply ignore it until the next release, which will be 3.6.0.
We are intending to put out the 3.6.0 release this month (April).

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@zeainc/zea-engine@3.3/dist/index.umd.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@zeainc/zea-engine@3.3/dist/plugins.umd.js"></script>

Actually, there might be another item you can try.
It also might be that you are passing a ‘div’ into the renderer instead of a canvas element.

Previously you could pass into the Renderer a ‘div’ element and it would construct a canvas element and put it on top.

    <div id="viewport"></div>
      const domElement = document.getElementById('viewport')
      const renderer = new GLRenderer(domElement, { hideSplash: true })

You might be seeing this error message in the console.

GLBaseRenderer.js:565 @GLBaseRenderer#setupWebGL. Using a DIV as root element is deprecated. Use a CANVAS instead. See: Zea Engine Documentation

Now you should be using a canvas element like this.

    <canvas id="viewport"></canvas>
      const domElement = document.getElementById('viewport')
      const renderer = new GLRenderer(domElement, { hideSplash: true })

Please check if you are still using a div, and if you can switch to a canvas. Please let me know if that works.