Getting to know the team at Zea

Hello world!

I’m Michael and I manage operations at Zea. I joined the team in April 2020 and since then have been working feverishly to develop and communicate our value proposition. We want to connect with developers on a scale that hasn’t happened yet in the CAD/CAM industry, although it has in practically every other industry. We’re democratizing 3D for the web by making development fast, easy, and open.

We’re currently partnering with niche organizations that, like us, solve critical problems for the manufacturing and engineering industries. If you develop/publish software and need to support 3D visualization on the web, reach out to us!

Finally, I have a background in Operation Management and previously worked at BRP, a recreational vehicle manufacturer in Canada for 7 years where I lead the global technical training initiative.

I’m hoping to read many stories and introductions as the community grows.

Bonne journée!