Is it possible to add light sources to the scene as the model shown has black faces but they are dark gray

Model link for lighting issue

@philip.taylor - this is what it looks like on 3DScript-

and this is what it looks like on Zea Cloud (Zea CAD Viewer)

I figured it out. this is an issue we need to resolve it engine, but the color values coming from Interop are in Linear Space, while our engine assumes they are in gamma space. The renderer then converts them to linear during rendering, when it shouldn’t

A quick fix is to convert the colors to gamma space after loading.

   cadAsset.on('loaded', () => {
        const materials = cadAsset.getMaterialLibrary().getMaterials()
        materials.forEach((material) => {
          // Convert linear space values to gamma space values.
          // The shaders assume gamma space values, to convert to linear at render time.
          const baseColorParam = material.getParameter('BaseColor')
          if (baseColorParam) {
            const baseColor = baseColorParam.getValue().toGamma()

This is the result

This fix worked

thanks for the quick workaround @philip.taylor .
can you let us know when this is fixed in the engine… so we can get rid of the workaround code?

the bug is logged here: zcad material colors are in linear space, but renderer assumes they are in gamma space. · Issue #574 · ZeaInc/zea-engine · GitHub

and the fix is implemented and ready for review. The next release will include this modification.
It should be ready within the next week.