Weird collaboration in svelte template

I was intrigued about the collaboration feature but it didn’t seem to function as I expected. Are all collaborators required to load a model?
I could see all collaborators but only the CAD model was displayed on the screen of the user who added the model.

It would be good if a host could add a model and all collaborators could also see this in real time.

Just to clarify, the Collab features actually functions (or at least appears too)

E.g. you are able to join the same room ID from multiple devices, etc. And can “see” all other users

It is just the model that does not display for all users.

The collaboration in the Zea Svelte template has been cleaned up recently and is now working a lot better than it was. We’ve applied a few fixes in the last couple of days that address these issues. Now we explicitly configure a room ID and now you should be able to explore models together with colleagues.

VR is working well, but no tools are setup yet to pick up and interact with geometries. Those tools are coming soon.


Is it possible to use the Collab pointer feature in the Svelte Template?

Hi @Healy787,
it should be possible - we’ll be able to give you more detailed instructions in the coming days (we’re at reduced staff during the holidays in Canada).

The laser pointer feature is working in the Svelte template now. Am I missing something?