What browsers are supported?

I understand that Chrome is the promoted browser, but what if I have no influence over the user’s choice of browser? Does the engine work on Safari, Brave, Edge, etc.? Where can I find the list of supported browsers/versions in the docs?

We support only the modern browsers that are actively developed. One example of an unsupported browser is IE11, which has very basic support for WebGL 1 and its JavaScript engine is very slow and not being developed.
There are a few cases where you will have no support for which browser is installed on a given device, and one example is embedded devices, such as kiosks. However, those devices were never intended to run heavy web apps in the built-in browser. Most of the time, in these situations, its better to build a simple App using a native SDK that can then embed a web view that hosts a chromium browser. These apps can then be installed on the devices of your clients.

The architecture overview has a bit more information on hardware and software support.