What shaders do you use?

Hi, I need to add texture to a project model, what can I use and how?

Textures are simply images used to color the surface (texture) of a mesh.

The following code shows loading an image as a texture on a simple geometry.
Note: Texturing requires texture coordinates, which most CAD models don’t support. The procedural geometries in Zea Engine all generate texture coordinates.

        const disc = new Disc(0.5, 64)
        const material = new Material('Material', 'FlatSurfaceShader')

        material.getParameter('BaseColor').setValue(new Color(0.6, 0, 1))
        const image = new LDRImage('LDRImage')
        const geomItem = new GeomItem('geomItem1', disc, material, new Xfo(new Vec3(-1, 0, 0.1)))

Check out our e-2-e test on the subject.